Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, it's been a crazy week around the Braniff house. Ryan had Swine Flu. Praise God we didn't get it. I panicked and got tested, but it turns out that I only have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Yeah !!! Never thought I would be excited about that. Rob is totally well. He never gets sick. Thank God for that too because he is the biggest baby when he's sick. Sorry honey, but you know that's true : ) And Izzy, well, Izzy is such a trooper. She has another ear infection and a sinus infection and you would never know it. She is always sick and never complains about it. The good news is we've finally gotten to the bottom of why she's been so sick. The poor child is allergic to everything. Just about. Eggs, milk, chocolate, peanuts, trees, grass, mold, dust, dogs, cats to name a few. Her allergist is awesome and he's been so patient with me. This allergy stuff is new to me. My other kids only had seasonal allergies. So my girl starts Immunotherapy on Tuesday. Once a week for nine months and then they go to two weeks, three weeks and so on for two to three years. O Lordy that's a long time. And she's allergic to so many things that they can't fit everything into one shot so she has to have two shots every week. My poor baby. At least it's a step in the right direction : ) So keep us in your prayers. Izzy is scared to death of shots. She was traumatized when she came home from China when we had to "catch up" her immunizations. So, two shots once a week for nine months is going to be rough.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

There's a stranger in my house

Everyone told me that he would look different. And oh did he! He marched right by me at the graduation and I didn't recognize my own son. He has a jawbone ! No more baby cheeks. Twenty five lbs lighter. A twenty eight inch waist. He hasn't had that since sixth grade. I was shocked. He looked so grown up. So handsome, if I may say so myself : )

What no one told me was how different he would act. Only it's not an act. My son is a soldier. How did that happen in just eight weeks? It's so strange. The lazy boy that left here eight weeks ago is gone. I've spent the last three days kind of in mourning. Not really sure why. That lazy boy drove me crazy. But there's a man in my house now and that's weird. I thought he would come home the same person just looking differently. Don't get me wrong I love this "new" person. He's respectful beyond what he ever was. He's considerate all the time. He told me that he used to take me for granted and that he would never do that again. Huh??? His room is clean. His shirts are rolled up in a drawer. All of his dress clothes are on hangers. Not on the floor. He puts his dishes away. He says "Yes, Ma'am" to everything I say......... What??? It's like an alien is in him : ) He's giving his testimony in church on Sunday. Are you kidding me? The boy that I couldn't get out of bed before noon on Saturdays is up every day at 5:45 a.m. running with my husband. I LOVE THIS MAN !! He is awesome. Why would I be mourning the boy that left here?? I must be crazy. He's only here until he gets his orders and then he's gone again for awhile. I guess I better enjoy every minute of having this wonderful stranger in my house.