Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Rye

I don’t know when he grew up. It seems like yesterday he was just a little boy. Sometimes I just can’t believe he’s 20. That makes me old : ) A mom of a 20 year old. And a mom of a 4 and 5 year old. Whoa!!! If you would have told me a few years ago that on Rye’s 20th birthday he would be blowing his candles out with his two little sisters from China, I would’ve said “You are out of your mind!” Funny how plans change. Isn’t God’s plan always “blow your mind better” than anything we can ever imagine? It sure is.

I always get kind of sad around Rye’s birthday. I just always feel like I miss him. Even when he’s sitting right next to me. It’s kind of strange. This year I really tried to soak it all in. I know that he will be active duty soon and that more than likely we won’t be able to celebrate his birthday with him every year. That alone makes me sad. I looked at him last night and I just so easily remembered that little premature baby that I watched day in and day out in Neonatal Intensive Care. How could that little baby be this 6’1’’ grown man? Time goes by way too fast. I know I say that a lot : ) It’s true though.

I had to laugh though because just as easily as I remembered that little baby I remembered that teenager that drove me crazy. I really thought he'd been taken over by aliens. Really !
I remembered all the many, many, many parent – teacher conferences that I sat in and wept. Oh, goodness. That boy made me so tired. He really did. His teachers would hug me. They loved Ryan so much. He was a sweet child, but they had their work cut out with him. Then I remembered that sweet day in October when He came to know Jesus and I knew without a doubt that we would spend eternity together. What a sweet memory. The roller coaster ride of parenting. Wow. Dr. Dobson says it best “ Parenting isn’t for wimps”. So true.

I have learned so much from parenting him. He’s taught me to be a better mom for Izzy and Mari. Yes, Rye you were my guinea pig. Sorry. But you guys don’t come with a manual : ) It has been the most challenging thing I have ever done, but without a doubt it has and will always be a privilege to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Rye. You will always be my little boy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blessed New Year

Here are a few pictures from New Years Day and my birthday. What a very sweet day with my family. Sometimes I wonder what in the world would Rob and I be doing if we hadn't become parents again. It's strange to think of life without them because it feels like they've always been with us. Izzy will forget sometimes too and ask me how big was my tummy when she grew in it. Then she laughs and says "Oh, yeah I grew your heart. I forgot" : ) I know it feels the same way for her. Like she has always been our daughter. Mari is starting to really blossom within our family and you can tell already that she's cemented herself within us. Just like she's always been here. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.... God's grace is amazing. I just cannot imagine my life without them.  A story ran in our local newspaper about Marianna. The newspaper had been kind enough to do a couple feature stories for us for Izzy's Dream and when we were fundraising for Marianna's adoption. They did a follow up article at Christmas. Well since this last article I have run into many people out around town that recognized us. We always catch a second glance anyway but lately I've had plenty people actually come up and say Hello and tell me that they read the article about us. They always end with " You guys are wonderful. These girls are so lucky to have you." and I always end up saying "No, God is wonderful and He has truly blessed me to be their mom. It is quite an honor." I've said that a lot lately and that has been sinking slowly in to my mind.  The honor. The calling. The blessing. The privilege. Sometimes it just falls over me that I have been chosen to be their mom. That absolutely blows my mind. This is not some random coming together. It's not a fluke. They're not just "lucky". The Lord chose ME to be their mom. He chose THEM to be my daughters. I cannot imagine a greater blessing.  I look forward to what He has in mind for us this new year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We had such a sweet weekend. My girls tried so hard all weekend to celebrate my birthday. So much for turning 41 and trying to fly under the radar : ) My family celebrated with me on Saturday.  They went out of their way to make me feel special. Gosh, I love them. Then Rob and the girls celebrated again with me on Sunday. My husband baking teeny tiny cookies in an easy bake oven with my girls for me was a sight to be seen. It was hysterical to listen to them from the living room. Izzy thought she was surprising me. Such sweeties. So another year older and blessed beyond measure : )

My girls received a very nice unexpected late Christmas present Sunday at church..... needless to say they were ecstatic about their new American Girl baby dolls.

How do you like these cutie little pirates?

This may have been the only time my husband has ever baked. I really can't remember another time in the last 16 years when he's even attempted it, but these two little girls can talk him into anything.
Even baking by light bulb : )

My card from my sweet Bella was beautiful. Don't you love the angel? She's been drawing angels all the time lately. I loved my card.... so sweet.

Sunday, January 2, 2011