Saturday, February 21, 2009

Be Mine and Throw Me Something Mister .... It's been a busy week

Our great friends, the Arnolds that as I'm typing this it struck me funny that the only time we've ever been with them was in China. They live here in the US but we've only hung out together in China. Strange !! Anyway, our good friends the Arnolds sent Izzy a Valentine's package last week complete with new jammies, a princess back pack, Love slippers, a pink and red tutu and Bubble Gum flavored lip gloss. Boy were they a hit. All day she was dressed up as a "Valentine's Princess" with bubble gum flavored lip gloss everywhere..... Izzy has decided that she loves all of these special holidays we have here in America. I bet....

I've been telling her all about Mardi Gras and I explained to her that we are going to a parade this weekend and that everyone gets dressed up in costumes and they throw beads. And this is how she thinks she is going to leave the house. She would actually fit right in with the New Orleans crowd.

We of course took the more subdued route and hit the parades uptown at St. Stephens where it's a family type of atmosphere and there is a nice clean potty available. For it to be a good day at the parades there must be a clean potty !!!

Daddy got a great workout today. He held Izzy for two parades (about 50 floats).

Izzy and Noah eating while we waited for the parades to start.

My sweet girl visiting with Mommy for a minute until the next float then it was back in Daddy's arm.

So what do you do after an entire day of Mardi Gras parades ? You come home and play parade...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The African Children's Choir is going to be in Slidell on March 11th. They are performing at 7:00 p.m. at Bethany Lutheran Church (627 Gause Blvd. between 8th and 9th street). If you haven't seen them perform before, don't miss this. You will be blessed. I promise. Rob and I had the privilege of having three of the girls stay with us while they were in town. What an incredible experience. So, please join us. Admission is free.

Eva, Joyce and Ruth

These are the three sweeties that stole our hearts in 2004 and planted that seed of the plight of orphans in this world that ultimately led to our journey to Izzy. They had no idea how they impacted our lives.
The African Children's Choir is the ambassador for Africa's neediest and most vulnerable children. The choir shows the world that it's members, like the millions of abandoned and traumatized children in Africa, have beauty, dignity and unlimited potential.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beach in February?

Yes, we are desperate people !!!! We were so over the cold weather and so excited that it was 75 degrees today that we went to the beach. No bathing suits yet. We are not that crazy. Despite the beach not being quite back to normal (still) since Katrina, it was just what we needed. Fresh air, the seagulls, the sound of the waves. I'm so grateful that Izzy loves the beach. She absolutely loves it. She doesn't complain that it's too windy. She doesn't care about sand between her toes like my other two. She's just so content on the beach.

When I was waiting for her I would often wonder if she would like the same things that I like. I would pray that she would. I started thinking that I was being a little too picky and asking too much of God. Like when you're pregnant you eventually quit praying for a girl or a boy and just end up saying Lord, please let he or she be healthy and we don't care about the rest. Well, I ended up there too with Izzy. I even gave up the time frame to Him, eventually and said ok, Lord please let her be healthy and of course Your timing is best.

Then I thought about it a little longer and my prayer became, Lord bring her home in Your time just let her be healthy and Lord, please let her love the beach......

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm over the cold weather.....

I don't know about you guys but I'm completely over the cold weather. 22 degrees is a bit much for South Louisiana. I would be happy to have 90 degrees. I bought Izzy a bathing suit yesterday for crying out loud. Summer clothes are out in the mall and it's 22 degrees. Izzy is living in knit caps and gloves. She is so funny about the hats. She forever has really bad hat hair because she keeps these hats on. She keeps telling me how cold it is but I think it's more of a fashion thing. The girl has about 20 hats and she's only been home nine months. She does look pretty cute though. Little does she know by Saturday it will be 75 degrees. Yeah... I guess we'll have to get out the summer hats too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Chinese New Year Celebration

Saturday was the first Chinese New Year celebration for the Families of Chinese Children group that we belong to in South Mississippi. It was incredible. More than I could have imagined it to be and my family had a wonderful time. I just want to thank all of the ladies that made this possible. You are the best.... what a blessing it was to Izzy and my family.

The Chopstick Chics

Paige leading the Dragon Dance with the kids

Izzy was having a blast

Too sweet.

All of the children and their siblings

Izzy looking a little like Axel Rose

Aren't they just beautiful?

Great Food

Finally getting some sugar...
And the best part of the night.... we had a silent auction that raised enough money to sponsor two children in foster care at Love Without Boundaries Isn't that incredible? God is so good.