Friday, April 29, 2011

Share the Love....

Hey guys....Yes, I'm sharing the LOVE....not just because I would love a Suzanne Myers charm necklace (which I do), but I just love this family that I've come to know through the blog world. They are bringing home two baby girls at the same time...WOW.  Oh, how I love to see the Lord in action. And He is big time in this family. Please hop over to Ni Hao Ya'll and check it out. Share the love ends Sunday, so hurry up : )
So Loved

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Divas Sunbathing

You guys... I have my hands full with these two. After swimming today Izzy goes inside to get her sunglasses because it was so sunny outside. Next thing I know they have sunglasses all over the backyard.  I had no idea they had that many pairs of sunglasses. They were strutting around, changing the shades, changing them again. It was hilarious. Well, when I came out with the camera you would've thought there was a photo shoot going on....such Divas. So funny. Even Marianna posed for some pics.  These girls sure do know how to make me smile : )

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm so proud of my Mei Mei...she conquered a fear yesterday. I love it for her. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. I don't know if ya'll remember but in December she had a dance recital for her creative dance class. It was Izzy's second recital and Mari's first. She got out there and froze, then cried, then ran into my arms. She kept saying " I no like people watching me dance, Mommy." Poor thing. Of course, Izzy pranced around with a big ole smile loving every minute of it and Mari felt awful. I kept reassuring her and telling her it was ok that she didn't dance. Well, she eventually got over it and went back to dance class determined that this time she wouldn't be afraid.  She's so funny. She told me yesterday "Mommy, it's ok if the people watch me dance this time." 

So when the recital started my girl danced to "Singing in the rain" She twirled her umbrella and remembered her steps. She actually smiled at everyone. It was a big deal for her. Towards the very end of the song she looked at me and yelled " Look Mommy, I dancing....see, you proud Mommy? " Oh, my goodness. It brought me to tears. Mei Mei. I'm so proud of you. There is nothing you can't do my darling. What a sweet little victory for my girl. It's those little bitty ones that lead to the mountains she will overcome. I know that. Thank You Jesus that she danced.  And though she was the only one out there with a red prosthetic leg, the only one that couldn't wear ballerina slippers because they make her slide and fall, the only one that trips sometimes, the only one that twirled an umbrella with one half of one hand, she did it with poise and grace and took my breath away. God is so good !

Now Izzy, on the other, got out there and looked at me and said in very dramatic fashion " Momma, I'm shy I don't want to do this " and literally stood there still until I told her it was ok to come sit down. Izzy shy.....hmmm...I don't think so.  She ended up with a runny nose and little fever later in the day.  So maybe that explained that.  Shy and Izzy don't exactly go together.  At least we get to see one of them dance each time. Maybe one day they will dance together : )

Friday, April 8, 2011

Izzy's latest.....she wants to be everything. EVERYTHING. Everyday it's something different. From doctor, to pastor, to cowgirl, a momma, a princess, a veterinarian, you name it....she wants to do it all.  Well, Daddy brought her boxing gloves home so of course now she's added boxer to the list....notice the medal around her neck. She thinks she's pretty good already.