Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Spring Get Away.....

I love that we live in a part of the country that is so close to the beach. Nothing makes me happier than lounging on the beach with my family. I'm so grateful for the warm weather. I think I have that seasonal disorder that makes you crazy in the winter. I really do. But spring is here and it's so awesome. Izzy and I planted a garden right after Easter. She loves fresh salsa made from tomatoes from the garden. Last summer she learned all about fresh tomatoes and now she's all about tending to the garden affectionately called "Izzy's Patch". We were able to escape for a few days to Navarre Beach on Thursday and then Rob married a couple from our church on Sunday. The wedding was outside on the beach at sunset. It was just beautiful. One of the perks of being a pastor's wife is attending weddings. That actually might be the only perk. :)Weddings are just good for the soul and I'm such a sucker for a bride and a groom. I just love it. So a beautiful wedding and a few days at the beach - God is good to me.

There were just a few things I asked for, selfishly of course, when I found out that Izzy was to be my daughter and that was Oh Lord, please let her love the beach !!! Let's just say, answered prayer....

A sandcastle fit for a queen

No, we didn't make this one. We just stumbled upon this abandoned castle on the beach. Izzy insisted on sitting inside of it so Daddy could rescue her. Sweet.

This is the sad little one that we made. Actually Izzy made these: Daddy, Mommy and Izzy castles.
Just some random pictures of my girl:

This one was taken while she was in full monkey character for thirty minutes. Believe me thirty minutes with a monkey is a long time.... What an imagination.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

I just don't remember dying eggs being this much fun.

Easter Portraits

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome it is to have a mom that is both a nurse and a photographer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Izzy and Gunny

You can always count on Gunny to be there for a picnic.

I don't think he was counting on a 37 lb toddler on his back.

Lovin her Gunny.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching Up

Ok. I know I've been really behind on my blog. And yes, I've gotten your emails about "no new pictures of Izzy". Sorry :( We are all doing ok. We've just been very busy lately. Izzy is very excited about Easter. She can't wait to dye eggs and make an Easter basket. And of course she has a new "Princess" dress for next Sunday. Candy and new dress.... Life is good for Izzy.

Over the last few weeks so much has been happening. We found out that Ryan is leaving on June 9th for boot camp. I'm so excited for him but at the same time I know that I'm really going to miss him. It's hard to believe that he's 18 years old and going off to boot camp. I think I've been in denial about my age but this just confirms that I'm getting old. :( I can't wait though to see how the military will change him. I would just be happy if they taught him to clean his room. Obviously I know there is much more in store for him in the military, but seriously if he comes back and is capable of changing the toilet paper. I'll be tickled. With my luck he'll come home knowing how to work on jet engines but still won't be able to pick up after himself.

We were also able to visit some really great friends of ours in Gulf Shores. The weird thing is that prior to spending time with them in Gulf Shores, we only ever saw them in China and they are great friends of ours. Strange huh? Those 14 days in China though bonded us eternally. We shared a Gotcha Day or as Amy jokes we were in the delivery room together. We were the only two families getting our daughters that day in Fuzhou so as God perfectly orchestrated we were able to spend the entire time in China with them. We just totally and completely "clicked" with each other and became great friends. Unfortunately we are in Louisiana and they are in Illinois. Not exactly an quick little road trip to visit. We do know where we will evacuate to for the next major hurricane. :) Anyway, we enjoyed doing life with them for a few days. We were able to meet the rest of their family. Izzy totally remembered them and greeted them with a big ole hug when she saw them. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. They just accepted a referral for the newest addition to their family. What a joy to share in that with them. Below are some pictures from our time together. Thank you Amy for the great pics.

Which also brings me to the next little piece of news for our family. We are sending off our application tomorrow to our agency and taking steps towards our next little one. We have no idea how and when the Lord while work this out, but we are stepping out. He will open or close doors when necessary and we have complete faith that He will lead us to our next daughter when the time is perfect. Please keep us in your prayers.
And yesterday Izzy came down with bronchitis. So we are under "house arrest" or so it feels like it. At least I'm getting to catch up on things....