Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

He's created a little fighter in her...what are we going to do with this little thing. She starts taking piano lessons in July and she tells me yesterday "Momma, I want to take boxing too"...good grief !!
Has your kids imaginary play ever left you feeling like you're the one that's missing something? Or is it just me?

Me: "Whatcha doin Bella?"
Izzy: "Uh, Hellooooo...Surfing Momma..can't you tell?"
Me: "Oh, well...No, I couldn't..I mean...(deciding to play along) I didn't know you knew how to surf.
Izzy: " I LOVE to surf Momma"
Me: "Really, we'll I've never seen you surf before. When did you learn?"
Izzy: " I just learned today Momma (with hands on hips and a little bit of attitude because I didn't already know this information). I've been trying to learn for a long time, but I've been sitting around here waiting for a wave to come and it never did. (Shocking, right? Considering she's in the play room, not on the beach)
Me: "So, a wave finally came along?"
Izzy: "Yeah silly...can't you see I'm surfing now"
Me: "Yes, of course....Great job Bella. You're an awesome surfer."
Izzy: "Thanks Momma, now move out of my way....Uh, pretty please. I'm trying to teach Mei Mei and you're messing up our waves."

Dancing with Daddy

I heard Izzy from the back of the house " Momma, come see me Momma. Come see." When I got to the kitchen she was in her Daddy's arms as he spun her around.  She had a great big smile on her face. "Look, Momma I'm dancing with Daddy". Talk about melt my heart. There's something about a big ole tattooed rough looking guy with his little girl in his arms that just gets me. This was one of those precious times when God whispered to me "don't forget this".  I knew that I better grab my camera.

So they danced  and I snapped some pictures. She giggled. He smiled and I cried.

"Don't forget this"