Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's missing...

My refrigerator reminds me of what is missing....

Girl's Day Out...again

yes I do believe we are making a habit of this... downtown girls!
Off to the Children's Museum to explore Peru this month. Izzy had to bring our friend Alpaca with us. He is originally from Huanaco, Peru...a gift from our sweet friends The Smiths.
Then we just had to stop at Paolo's for gelato...umm! Lemon gelato..oh my!

Happy Father's the best dad in the world


I loved to read Edgar Allan Poe in school. You know when you're a moody teenager he seems to fit the bill for odd literature that somehow sums up how you're feeling... misunderstood! Who understands teenagers...who understands Poe? Well, I've had to recently give my girls a taste of Poe and I have to say they don't "get" him. In fact, Izzy was a little disturbed by his poetry. Why in the world would I be introducing my girls to Poe at such a young age you ask? Well, our new library is the Edgar Allan Poe library on Sullivan's Island and he is all over it. Ravens on the wall...etc. The library is housed in a former Spanish-American War four-gun battery. Poe was stationed here as a private in the Army in 1826-1827. He used Sullivan's Island as the setting for his famous story "The Gold Bug". It's definitely an unusual use of a former military facility and my girls LOVE it. Can't say that they LOVE Poe yet though. Maybe they never will...we'll see.




Remember Jacks? I love Jacks. The only thing is they are huge now. I guess the little metal ones were a choking hazard. It's funny how my generation was apparently the guinea pigs because everything for my kiddos is much safer : )

This is how we pass the time while getting "leggie" fixed for the third time this week...

poor leggie : (

The artist of Isle of Palms

This boy...

I don't always have the words to express how I feel about this little guy. Sometimes because I'm overwhelmed with emotion for him....and sometimes,  well sometimes he's a bit naughty and I find myself speechless then too !


and I gotta say...he's pretty stinkin cute !