Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Sunday we went to the Aquarium with our family. What a sweet time we had.  I love having my big boy around for a little while before he leaves again.  His little sisters enjoy it so much too. It's always good for my heart to hear them constantly bugging him...... "Rymo..... pick me up high., Rymo, hold me for a while my legs are tired, Rymo, play with me, Rymo, can I play with your phone, Rymo, put me on your shoulders so I can touch the ceiling"  Rymo, Rymo, Rymo....... I absolutely love it : )  It's the only time I don't hear "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy !!!!" : ) Yes, I get a little break and it's nice. And you know He always does whatever they want even when he's aggravated because they've asked him the same thing fifty thousand times. He just can't tell those girls No. We had a really nice time together with my mom and her crew, my Nanny and her crew, Bobby and I with our kiddos. We even had my grandmother with us for the day. I miss these family outings. I hope we get to do it again soon.

Can you tell this one loves to be in front of the camera........

This one not so much....... I have to sneak around like some kind of stealth photographer and still I often don't get a smile. Now if they're together she smiles....alone smile. Go figure.

They are night and day, but I have to say both so beautiful : )

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The weather was so beautiful yesterday that the girls and I decided to take Daddy on a picnic after work.  What a nice way to relax and enjoy the sunshine. It was Mari's first picnic....didn't realize that till we were there. It's strange that after six months we are still experiencing firsts.  The wind was perfect so they both flew their Barbie kites. Rob pulled kites out of trees for a solid hour. Such a Daddy thing, kite flying, it just isn't a Momma thing.  A great way to spend the afternoon. I love to watch him with our girls. Nothing sweeter. Thank you Lord for this amazing weather.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Six months ago a very brave little girl said goodbye to the only family she had ever known. As she sat in her Momma's lap I'm sure she was anxious about what was happening.

But they had prayed for this day. They believed ever since she came to their home at one month old that she would one day have a family of her own. They had prepared her for this day.  Bathed her in prayer and drove her to Fuzhou to meet her new family.

On August 29th 2010, this sweet little thing looked at me for the first time. What a moment. It's frozen in time for me. She was drinking a yogurt drink and eating a sucker at the same time. Little did I know that was just a hint of the many things that she can do at one time : ) She is an amazing girl. I found this out quickly.

We spent that first day in the hotel room getting to know each other.

What an emotional roller coaster. The day was filled with exploration and fun but by nighttime she was missing her home and  was so very sad.  She did let me comfort her which in turn comforted me.
I used every opportunity I could to show her that she could trust me.
God's grace is amazing.

To see her sleeping right there next to her sister....what a sight.  18 long months of waiting, praying, hoping and here she is sleeping right there in front of you.

It seems like the last 6 months have been somewhat of a blur. We've done so much in such a short time. She's become quite the Daddy's girl. Oh, does she have him wrapped : )

She's taken her first steps. She's worn her first pair of ballerina slippers. 

She has celebrated her first birthday with her family.

Her first Christmas with her family.

Lots of celebrations. So much joy. My cup overflows.

She is her big sister's shadow. These two are truly like peas in a pod.

She has stolen my heart just as her sister did.
And to think that I was worried that my heart wouldn't be big enough.

I cannot imagine my life without her.
My day is not complete without that big ole smile that makes her eyes disappear. 
And she gives those smiles so freely.

I've never known a child that is this happy all the time. She is filled with joy and love.  You would never know what she overcomes every day. Never. It doesn't show. She's excited about what the day brings.
It's pure delight to her.

She has inspired me to be a better person. I am better for having her in my life. I'm happier because of her. I'm more loving. More kind. More patient. Less self pitying. More determined than ever. I'm enjoying life more. Yes, I'm tired but loving every minute. She has taught me so much in just these six months.
More than I've learned in my lifetime.
I am blessed to be her Momma. Truly blessed.

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for Mari and our family in the next six months. I know that whatever it is she will embrace it and enjoy every bit of it. What a great way to live life.
Momma's learning from you Marianna.
Keep teaching me.