Monday, October 29, 2012

The Braniff Sisters Rocked Rocktoberfest...

even Pig-O-Let dressed for the occasion

Pretty Stinkin Cute

this is why nothing gets done...

Because both of them are too cute to shoo out of the bed so that I can make it : )

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not even five minutes.... wasn't even five minutes that I left him alone. I was grading the girls Phonics test and look what happened. I did find out that he had an accomplice on the closet door which was another victim of Hide and Seek. It's amazing what a little game of Hide and Seek can cause....good grief.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Artful Endeavors" to support Hidden Treasures Home

Jeanie Osborne, a local artist, will host her “Artful Endeavors” booth at the Fall Street Fair in Slidell this weekend.  The event is put on by the Slidell Historical Antique Association and will be held in Olde Towne on Saturday and Sunday October 27 - 28.   All of the proceeds from her booth will benefit Hidden Treasures Home an orphanage for special needs children in Fuzhou, Fujian Province China.
Jeanie has a very special connection to Hidden Treasures Home.  She is grandmother to our kiddos and Godmother to our Izzy.  Izzy spent the first years of her life along with Marianna at Hidden Treasures Home.  Some of you might remember the Izzy’s Dream Silent Art Auctions that we held in Slidell. Jeanie was the spearhead of those events and God has recently tugged at her heart to create again in support of Hidden Treasures. 

She has been working for the last six months and has created so many beautiful items. Below is a sampling of what will be available at her booth.  Please come see her at the street fair this weekend and support Hidden Treasures Home a place that is so near and dear to our hearts.  
To learn more about Hidden Treasures Home and the amazing work they are doing with orphans in China, please visit


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back in the saddle

We found a wonderful place here called Rein & Shine that does therapeutic horseback riding. Oh my goodness....they were amazing with her. In just fifteen minutes they had her trotting and taking control of the reins. I was so proud of her. It does wonders for her self confidence and lately that's been really lacking.  She's been really down about not riding since we moved. So, we were very happy to get her back in the saddle : )

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Yep...I'm a big boy and the ladies love me"

His first trip to the dentist. Not one bit afraid. He walked back there like he owed the place. Bring it on !!! and by the end of his visit they were all like putty in his hands. This boy is going to give me fits one day.  He is a major flirt at three...Lord help me.

God's Creation

I look at the sky and it's as if He painted it just for me.... perhaps He did : ) I hear the waves crashing on the shore and it's His music to me.  I have never been more in awe of His creation than I have since I've moved a friend said recently "it's a little slice of heaven".  It makes me wonder just how incredible heaven will be one day. If the sky on earth can be painted pink and yellow one day and blue the next. What will heaven look like....beyond anything this little mind can come up with, but for now I'm enjoying this gift He's given us here.

Thank You for your grace and to me every day. Thank You for my family a blessing to me every day. Thank You for your creation which takes my breath away every day.