Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 and 3

As of today Rob and I are parents of a three year old and grandparents of a three year old.
I don't even have words for this.....Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor.

Happy Birthday sweet baby J...we wish that we could be there to celebrate with you.

Made me smile

Lots of things made me smile this are a few highlights

My little ones.... always making me smile : )
Even my big ones make me smile too...
But when your prodigal comes jump for joy ! Praising God because He promised that he would. He's still as goofy as ever....Thank You Jesus!
and what a great end to my week...Chosen 2013
1200 women worshiping...never experienced anything like this.
Thank you Lord for the women you've put in my life.


Sometimes as a mom you get frustrated...really frustrated. Recently I spent a good 45 minutes looking for Pig-o-let. I often spend time looking for Pig-o-let (as Mari calls him) and it sometimes gets on my nerves. Pig-o-let gets lost ALL the time which drives me crazy. But he's small so he's easily overlooked. He's dragged everywhere by Marianna so often he is found is odd places where you'd least expect to find him. He's been around the world (literally) and has a huge place in our hearts and in our family : )

Every morning I see his little head peeking out of the covers and it always reminds me of the first I ever saw him....she was two years old living in China at Hidden Treasures Home and we had just realized that God had called us to be her parents. I thought he was just adorable and I later learned he was more than adorable to her he was precious.

I was delighted when we got to China a year and a half later to find out that she still loved her little piglet. That first night as she lay in the hotel room in bed with her new sister not sure just yet about this new life or what to make of her new family she clung to him and rubbed his little ears on her cheek. I was starting to understand how precious her Pig-o-let was to her.

Today Pig-o-let is a bit frayed. He's looking a little worn. He's tear-stained with torn ears....

But oh how loved is Pig-o-let....
And oh how loved are you sweet girl...I promise to look for your Pig-o-let always. No matter how many times he gets lost. No matter how over it I am....I will always help you find him. I know what it means to have something precious.

Monday, January 21, 2013

So long Siah Style

It's happening already. After 8 months home he's changing and it's happening fast. Just yesterday he walked out of his room and we noticed that his pj's were too short on him. That fast he has grown an inch and a half. That part is kind of a relief because we were getting worried, but still he's growing up already. Then....and ya'll this makes me so sad...for the last week he has put the same shoes from a matching pair on. I's just plain sad. It was so sweet that he loved two different shoes AND it was super sweet that he didn't care! Already conforming to the ways of this world. UGH! So now he doesn't even attempt to put two different shoes on. I actually tried to give him two different shoes and he wouldn't go for it. : (

So long Siah Style....


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The girls and I ventured out Downtown on Sunday...all by ourselves. Not normally a big deal but I do not know my way around Downtown Charleston at all. It's a lot like driving in New Orleans. The museum does a really cool thing on the second Sunday of the month...they let families with special needs children come for a few hours before the museum opens for free.  There's no overwhelming crowds for the kids to deal was perfect and free is always perfect!  So off we went to have some girl time : )

and we finished our excursion with meeting Daddy and Josiah for Baskin Robbins after church
What a great I love spending time with these girls.

January in Charleston...

so many reasons we love it here....but the beach in January is certainly one of them

and we found this quaint little park on Sullivan's Island...the kids love it

Monday, January 14, 2013

my little builder..

so cute with a dangerous with a hammer : )

Our second home...

This is by far our girls favorite place to be.  She knows that she only rides on Saturday but by Monday she's already asking when are we going back.
She is doing so proud of her. She truly inspires me..
I think the boys are loving it as well : )


Re-entry is hard after being gone for nine days so it took us a little while to get back in the groove.  Two very sleepy girls and one grumpy little guy for the first week back home. It took a bit but now everyone is back to business around here....and this Momma is back to sleeping.

What's that saying "if Momma's happy, everyone is happy" : ) Yep, that's the truth!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back at Rein and Shine

Mei Mei does so much better when she's riding regularly. It does wonders for her self esteem. All kids have some sort of self esteem issues but my girl has some challenges in that area that are above and beyond what most kids have to deal with. So, she's riding every Saturday now. She is a natural on a horse. Her balance is amazing. She's taking the reins by herself now. She's trotting beautifully and she's starting to learn how to jump. She was quite clearly supposed to ride.  Love that little thing. Notice her sidekick? He's constantly by the fence yelling "Go Nana!!"


Two Boys....Double the Joy

My friend Angie and her husband Tom are bringing two boys home from China...don't know if you've seen their video yet. You must, it's too cute.

Having adopted three times I know that fundraising is a faith growing experience to say the least. Imagine what kind of faith it takes to step out and bring two kiddos home. Well, that's just what they have done. This week Give1Save1Asia is highlighting their family. Please check out Angie's blog to find out how you can help bring these boys home.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Road Trippin

We said goodbye to our family...with lots of tears (me mostly) : ( It's hard to leave them. I don't know if that part will ever get easier.

Plus it was my birthday which for some reason always makes me a little down. It's not about aging at all.  I feel better at 43 then I ever have. I don't know what it is, but I'm just usually a little blah by January 3rd. Maybe it's just all the post holiday exhaustion setting in.
However, nothing like a 12 1/2 hour road trip and hotel stay with these peeps to get you laughing...
On our way back to our other home. We do love you South Carolina.... the ocean's calling us back.