Sunday, December 30, 2012

Made it home....

We're at The Mom's Place enjoying time with our family....sweet times! We also went to church and saw lots of our friends that we miss so much. Great day with family and friends.

So good to be home ! 
The girls had lots of good time with Nini...

Funny Farm

We made our trek home and our first stop was Mississippi to see our Malma at the Funny Farm

We had a great stop Louisiana.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a beautiful night....Church at Seacoast was amazing. Tracking Santa. Making cookies. Reading Luke 2....sweet memories with my babes.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

making friends

It's taken a little while for my girls to get over leaving their friends in Louisiana, but slowly they are beginning to make friends at church and a few in the neighborhood too....

My week...My blessings

I went through my phone today to kind of clean it up. I had a couple hundred new pictures (sounds crazy) and I totally ended it up in tears..just overwhelmed by God's goodness in my life. It reminded me just how good God is to me. I have so much to be thankful for this week and many blessings.

My Izzy...I'm watching God's word seep into her heart...beautiful...just beautiful

My kids love...absolutely love getting packages in the mail. Especially sweet Christmas gifts. I love seeing their eyes light up when I walk in house after checking the mail with a box in my sweet.

having my prodigal boy call me three straight days in a time just to tell me goodnight and one time just because he wanted to hear my voice...Oh, sweet Jesus..thank you...

love watching my kiddos sleep...nothing sweeter.

I taught Josiah how to stick out his tongue...I know, what was I thinking? Don't know why this tickled me so, but it did. Potty training is serious business...just trying to lighten the mood : )

 I sat mesmerized while my husband sang "Glory in the Highest" after a minute I realized that Josiah also sat there mesmerized listening to his Daddy seeing him watch his Daddy like that.
 I saw Izzy get so overcome with emotion when she heard Rob sing "Cinderella" by Stephen Curtis Chapman that she ran in the room and literally wrapped herself around him.  He will always have time to dance with you Cinderella...always. This song tugs at my sweet girl.  She knows how special she is to her Daddy. She knows this..No question at all. This is something that every little girl should know, unfortunately I didn't know this so it means the world to me that my girls DO know this.

This girl...this girl cracks me up.  When I see her smile I get a very distinct picture of what her grandmother might have looked like. Doesn't she look like an old Chinese lady...It just makes me laugh.

This week my bed was full every morning. Every single day my kiddos came into my room and climbed in bed with us. Full bed...full of love...full of it. Yes, I would gather children. That's what I would do.

When I see my kids on their own learning and teaching each other (even if it is on the kitchen floor) just confirms for me that home schooling is the BEST for our family.

When school is out the girls get to drawer all over the chalkboard whenever they want..and they love it ?

I love it when my kiddos open a present and stop to read the card all on their own and I don't have to remind them to do it....and an extra blessing..she could read the card : )

so blessed to get new pictures of our grandson, Jacob...miss him so much and our big girl and James too, but we'll see them soon.

and there's the old Chinese lady again that I'm so fond of....

and you know I love my their lazy butts even when they shouldn't be sleeping in the bath towels ! Yes, that's me...aggravated that they are in the towels, but will still stop and take a picture because I think they're cute : ) crazy cat lady..
Love their imagination....yesterday it was a magician and a lady at a tea party with a hat that was too big and she couldn't see and kept spilling her tea...

 and oh what a blessing this crazy man sometimes I have to remind myself of that, but oh, how I love this crazy man! Definitely the man I was meant to walk through this adventure with...

My phone is cleaned up and my heart is full..
Lord, please help me to always have gratitude....You are so good to me!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


There's about a million places on my "must see" list and we are working our way through it. Patriot's Point is one them. We did however pick the coldest day since we've been here to go to the river...crazy Louisiana people. We were the only people out there....

School's Out

What else would we do to celebrate that school is out for a few weeks of Christmas vacation....well if you live in Charleston, you go to the beach.... :)

so long beach...there's a cold front coming through. See ya when it's warm again...